Don't Know What To Wear For Your Shoot?

Many people ask me before a shoot, "what should I wear?" and I have a hard time helping them because I may not know what vision they have in their heads for the mood desired to experience with the photos. So here is a little guide that I can refer people to if needed:

Consider the mood

What are you hoping to accomplish with these photos? Do you like bright and punchy? Light and airy? If you are alone for your shoot I would recommend thinking about any particular statement pieces that you may want to incorporate such as a hat, necklace, or your favorite pair of shoes. More than one person? Try coordinating outfits with one or two main colors - usually neutral - without being too matchy-matchy. You want to still highlight your individuality of course. Take into consideration the location of your photos and try to coordinate colors and textures that way as well

Try outfits on ahead of time

Another thing I try to remind clients to keep in mind is that sometimes an outfit might look amazing on you IRL, but not photograph well. Don't be afraid to take a selfie in the mirror to see how you look! Clothing that is snug and layered may look better than a boxy t-shirt, all depending on the style and your body type. I always try to keep in mind how the clothes look while I am moving around and from every angle possible as well. Lastly, wear something comfortable and that makes you feel good. You don't want your photos to come back with you making an uncomfortable face because your clothes were scratchy. Wear something that makes you feel the most like your self, and rock it!