Session Inspiration

If you're anything like me, traditional posed portraits are just not for you. They don't capture your essence, your soul. Here is a quick list of some different ideas in case you were thinking that the "traditional" boudoir/family/maternity/engagement/etc style isn't really your thang

In your home

Some people don't realize how cute and unique their own home is until they see it in photos! Doing a lifestyle session in your own kitchen, living room, and bedroom is a fun way to showcase yourself or your little family. I actually can't think of anything cozier. Well... maybe camping... but I'll get to that! Just make sure you ask the photographer so they can see what lighting you have available


If you love the great outdoors, then why not have a fun camping session? Tents, blankets, camp fire, s'mores... So many good things about snuggling up in the wilderness. I could see this being a fun family session during the day, with kids running wild and free, or an intimate couple's or engagement session, cuddling under the stars... The world is your oyster!

Recreation facilities

The zoo is actually a really fun place that can showcase REAL excitement! There are always nice buildings, parks, and exhibits that make for cool backdrops. Other places such as historical and nature parks, conservatories, and exhibits could also offer some fun and different settings for photos. Just make sure that photos are allowed and be aware that when shooting in public places, you have no control over where other people are

Playing a sport

If you and your spouse enjoy playing mini golf, or if you are from a hockey family, then why not incorporate that into your photos! Skating, basketball, bowling... There are tons of different physical activities that could provide you with the perfect activity to do while getting photos taken. Action photos are the bomb, and so much fun!

Carnival or fair

This is an idea that you obviously have to jump on when there is a fair in the area... But it is so much fun! The lights, the games, the rides, the cotton candy... I truly can't think of anything that would keep photos at a carnival anything but a fun and unique photo shoot

Farms/fields/back roads

Finding an old abandoned barn or a field full of flowers makes for a really pretty session. And no matter what the sky looks like, it makes for wicked photos! Blue skies, fluffy white clouds, or a storm lurking in the back ground just adds more depth and awesomeness to the photo! Just think of trees, fields of yellow or green, rustic buildings, dirt roads.... I feel a country song coming!

Urban settings

If you are more into an urban lifestyle, then taking photos in your favorite part of town might be the best idea! There are always fun treasures when walking around neighborhoods. Cool staircases, train tracks, fun buildings, busy streets, and maybe even your favorite place to grab a snack. There can be a lot of meaning behind the location of your photos, and I personally believe it's super rad to tap into that part of your life and take full advantage of it! Night photos are also really fun in urban settings as well.. Just sayin'

Paint or project

A few years ago I planned a shoot to do with my sister and mom. We aren't the traditional family who are cuddly and take photos with our faces smushed together, and I racked my brain thinking of out-of-the-box ideas. Finally, I got it. We are all very creative, and I knew that we all would thoroughly enjoy throwing paint at each other, so that's what we did! I gathered some canvases, mason jars, and paint bottles and we went to town. The photos turned out ah-maze-ing and we had so much fun. Real laughter captures the best in my opinion

Session props

Any types of fun props can be used to create totally unique and different photos. Think balloons, giant lollipops, glitter, bubbles, sports equipment, smoke bombs, musical instruments, bicycles, water guns, books, and well... you get the point. There are so many different things that can represent yourself, your family, your children, your spouse, even your pet! Just try to think about things that you enjoy and would make for a fun session. If you are curious and want help thinking of ideas, just ask